Saturday, April 23, 2011

How I did it: my Easter Lamb

Thank you for joining me today! I hope you enjoy this as much as I have.

My supplies: sketch paper for pastels, any tissue paper, plastic eraser, pencil, hard & soft pastels.

I pick out my basic colors first. I drew the lamb off the top of my head ;)

Pupil first with blue iris, then white for the wool!

Next, the ears and face soft peach.

basic wash with the face

I used baby blue for the ribbon next

I smoothed out the color with a small corner of the paper towel

I used hard pastel sky blue for the highlights of the ribbon

blue  soft pastel for the shadows

effect of 3 shades of blue

I softened the effect with the tissue

using a darker shade of peach, I created shadow under the ears, under the eyes and by the mouth.

Like this!

next I used soft gray as shadow for the wool

I grabbed a darker shade of gray soft pastel to create dimension

and darker shade of gray to define

I decided that the ribbon lacked definition, so I used a darker blue and outlined here and there

Now for the eyes! I used a Sharpie Pen and defined the lashes and the eyes a bit.

The tips of ears, under the nostril and mouth needed a bit more blush.

And I'm DONE!

Happy Easter!


  1. That is so incredibly cute!! You are so talented!

  2. Beautiful job, Elizabeth! I really enjoyed the process and the finished drawing! The fur looks amazing.

  3. Tristi, thank you, you're such a sweetie! :D

    Jonene, I appreciate the compliment for a fellow artist! :D

  4. Love the step by step photos :)
    You give the very misleading impression that it's easy :P Much like Bob Ross.

  5. This is lovely, great to see the photographs

  6. Fa, lol! I'm sorry... I've seen Bob Ross; he does make it look easy, doesn't he?

    Amanda, thank you! :D

  7. I love the texture of the hair Elizabeth.. :) this is cute

  8. I love the romantic nature of your illustrations, particlarly the merpeople - how is Darkspell going? Wishing you all the best with it!

  9. Awesome lamb, looks like lots of work.

  10. hey sweety.. this is awesome and talented..
    i love that.. thanks for sharing here.. i can teach
    my daughter.. thanks so much dear... xoxo

  11. cute lamb! thanks for sharing your process of creation.

  12. Wow! At the first picture, I thought it was the photo of a soft toy lamb that you had clicked. Realized on scrolling down that it was an awesome painting done by you. Surreal for sure :)

  13. wow, love seeing this! you're so talented!!